5 Pillar Foundation

The GoVerifyID solution is built on a strong foundation of key capabilities that are essential for any enterprise-ready two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor identity authentication system. Altogether, these 5 pillars provide a complete end-to-end solution enabling organizations to quickly and easily deploy a flexible multi-modal two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor authentication solution using their existing business processes and security systems.

Without all these capabilities, two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor identity authentication would be incomplete and incapable of meeting the needs for most organizations. ImageWare is the only provider that delivers an end-to-end, enterprise-ready two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor authentication Software as a Service (SaaS) offering in the user authentication market.

Learn more now by exploring each of the 5 pillars:


User Identity-Proofing

GoVerifyID’s method of real-world authentication prior to enrollment sets apart from other solutions that lack this critical step. Our partnerships with industry-leading identity proofing services help to assure a user’s identity from the very beginning. We believe this is the industry’s first identity and transaction verification Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that includes identity-proofing services.

The first step in user authentication, even before granting accounts or credentials, is making sure of the user’s real-world identity. ImageWare integrates with user identity proofing services to provide identity-proofing based on government issues IDs, life history, and transaction information aggregated from public and proprietary data sources.

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We incorporate identity proofing into our mobile biometrics SaaS, GoVerifyID, as a key step in the end-user on-boarding process. Customers can elect to use our integrated identity authentication service from TransUnion, or other vendors, to ensure the highest level of the users’ real-world identity.

A true end-to-end identity solution isn’t complete if it lacks the critical first step of identity-proofing prior to enrollment. Without being sure of the identity of the person signing-up for your service, everything that follows is meaningless. By including leading companies’ identity-proofing services as part of our enrollment workflow, the user’s identity has the highest level of assurance.

Make sure the people signing up are who they say they are!



Flexible Delivery

GoVerifyID, our 2FA, biometric, and MFA Software as a Service (SaaS), makes implementation and roll-out easy and flexible. We can activate a system for you on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a matter of minutes. We also support on-premise deployments and other cloud services in both dedicated and multi-tenant modes.

You have the flexibility to deploy the two-factor methods (PIN, etc.), biometric types of your choice (face, voice, palm, and/or fingerprint) as well as MFA methods, authentication policies, and process workflows. The authentication process is fully customizable to support your desired login procedures.

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You can quickly add users either through our Administration Portal or programmatically through RESTful or SCIM interfaces. After users have been added, you can notify them to download the GoVerifyID app. Users download GoVerifyID from the Apple or Android app stores, prove their identity, enroll their biometrics, and start using selfies, phrases, palm, and/or fingerprints to access your systems.

The GoVerifyID app is a turnkey solution that can be easily rebranded, or even fully customized. You can also easily embed our technology into your existing mobile apps.



Seamless Integration

GoVerifyID’s open architecture provides multiple options for seamless integration into your existing security systems. This includes integration with Identity Access Management (IAM), Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Single Sign-On (SSO), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Network Access Security (NAS), Web Access Management (WAM), Password Management (PM), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and other solutions.

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GoVerifyID is designed to complement your organization’s existing security process and workflow. GoVerifyID can easily be integrated into your use case through either our standard SAML interface or our open REST APIs; providing biometrics where and when you need it. For example, our standard SAML interface has been used to create integration with the CA Single Sign-On product, which is “Validated by CA”. Similarly, our open REST APIs have been used by HPE Aruba to easily integrate our service with the Aruba ClearPass network access security solution. These integrated solutions can now be deployed by customers via simple configuration.

GoVerifyID integrates seamlessly into your existing security workflow. It’s easy to implement, and easy to use. Our turnkey solution requires very little technical knowledge and is good to go as soon as you are.

Ready to secure your data, devices, and transactions with two-factor, biometric, or multi-factor authentication?

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Mobile Availability

People carry their phone wherever they go, so they always have this convenient two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor authentication device with them. Consumers are comfortable taking selfies, swiping their finger, showing their palm, speaking into their phone, or entering a PIN, so its use as a two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor authentication device is natural. Also, BYOD has become business as usual in enterprise, making security an even bigger issue.

GoVerifyID works equally well with relatively current Apple or Android smartphones and tablets.  Also, it works over broadband networks and private or public Wi-Fi.  So no matter where you are, you are able to use GoVerifyID to authenticate your identity.

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In your office, or at home, or at your favorite store, or even on a Wi-Fi enabled flight, you can use GoVerifyID to log into your corporate systems, use your banking app, or shop online. GoVerifyID is an end-to-end security solution that ensures mobile security by verifying the identity of the user not just the user’s device.



GoVerifyID Now

As part of GoVerifyID, we also provide a self-service web portal called GoVerifyID Now. This web app allows an “agent,” or any authorized user, to send a secure message to recipients via the GoVerifyID mobile app. The agent can easily select any enrolled user and quickly send them any textual question or notification. The end user is alerted via the GoVerifyID app on their phone or tablet. This allows the end user to provide two-factor, biometric, or multi-factor authentication – proving that the real person is answering the message. They can then view the message and respond securely.

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Messages are sent directly to the user’s enrolled mobile devices via Apple’s or Android’s secure messaging services. With GoVerifyID, only your users can provide their two-factor, biometrics, or multi-factor response to authenticate their identity. Using plain SMS, without biometrics, can be easily spoofed by anyone who might have stolen your user’s phone.

GoVerifyID Now is very useful for IT support staff, Call Center staff, and other types of service agents that provide sensitive IT or financial transaction information to customers or employees.

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