In today’s business environment, protecting your corporate assets has never been more challenging and critical. Whether its protection of corporate intellectual property, financial information, customer data or employee details, protecting them with two-factor, biometrics, and multi-factor authentication is by far the most secure and reliable way. After all, your biometrics (face, fingerprint, palm, and voice) cannot be stolen. 2FA, biometrics, and multi-factor authentication is the perfect solution to help protect organizations, both online and at brick/mortar locations. Protect the privacy of your customers and employees while securing your corporate data and financial transactions. With GoVerifyID, you can rest assured that your organization is more secure than ever. It’s the ‘right now’ solution — it’s the ultimate password for your use anywhere, anytime.

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Why biometrics?

Think of biometrics as your own personal password that cannot be forgotten. You no longer need to remember complex passwords, answers to password reset questions, or carry a smartcard. Password resets can be eliminated. Retyping complex temporary passwords is a thing of the past.

When looking for a biometric security solution, the minimum metrics should really include multi-modal biometrics, anonymous biometric storage, and cloud-based matching.

  • Multi-Modal Biometrics: Users can choose to use one or more biometric modalities, such as face, voice, eye, fingerprints, etc., to authenticate themselves.
  • Anonymous Biometric Storage: Our cloud solution does not store any personally identifiable information, and even the biometric data is stored in an unusable binary format.
  • Cloud-Based Matching: GoVerifyID sends encrypted, anonymous biometric data via a secure communication channel to the cloud for anonymous matching, further strengthening security.

Performance is another critical capability. You really want a biometric system that is ultra-scalable, dependable, provides end-to-end service, and is easily integrated into all your existing applications and business processes. GoVerifyID provides all of this and more.

Enterprise Use Cases

  • Application Access (Direct application login or using Single Sign-On systems)

    • Includes applications that are hosted on premise or in the Cloud.
    • Often provided in conjunction with a Single Sign-On (SSO) product (e.g. CA Single Sign-On, OneLogin, etc.).

    Mobile Device Application and Data Security

    • Includes securing access to mobile apps and corporate data accessed from mobile devices.
    • Provided in conjunction with a mobile device management product (e.g. MobileIron, Good Technologies, Citrix XenMobile, etc.).

    Password Reset

    • Includes using GoVerifyID to authenticate a user before they can reset their password.
    • Generally provided in conjunction with a password reset vendor (e.g. Avatier, Courion, etc.).


    Corporate Network Access

    • Includes securing access to corporate networks and data using VPN, Firewalls, etc. (e.g. Aruba ClearPass, Cisco AnyConnect, F5 Networks, etc.).
    • Can replace or supplement token devices, such as RSA SecureID and other products.
  • Enterprise Data Security

    • Includes securing access to cloud or hybrid corporate data storage systems (e.g. Box, DropBox, etc.).
    • Recommend using enterprise hybrid storage solutions, like Extenua Cloud2Drive, to provide enterprise security with convenience.

    Cloud Access

    • Login access to public cloud systems, such as AWS, Azure, Force.com, etc.
    • These cloud services provide SAML or other interfaces that can be used with GoVerifyID.

    Password Manager Products

    • Products that securely store all of your passwords in a software vault for access to all of your devices.
    • The security of the password manager product itself is critical since it stores all of your other passwords.

    GPS and Logistic System Integration

    • When a vehicle or person has to be located via GPS, such as in Logistics and Mobile Health applications.
    • The GoVerifyID multi-modal biometric authentication solution can provide assurance of the user’s identity for these types of applications.

Why GoVerifyID?

ImageWare Systems’ GoVerifyID service provides fast, real-time two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor identity authentication in the cloud with massive scalability and unparalleled security. Two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor identity authentication is provided in seconds even when hundreds of millions of identity requests occur simultaneously. The biometric data is stored in a proprietary anonymous binary format. So even if the data is somehow compromised from the secure cloud data center, the data is unusable and not associated with any individual – so it doesn’t provide any value to would-be thieves.

Only GoVerifyID provides a secure, scalable, flexible, versatile, mobile and cloud service for multi-modal two-factor, biometric, and multi-factor identity authentication.

The GoVerifyID mobile app is highly versatile to support any business scenario, environmental situation, use case, application, and system. The GoVerifyID mobile app is a turnkey solution that can be implemented without any programming.

The GoVerifyID mobile app is also White Label ready and can be easily re-skinned to fit your company brand via simple configuration and without any programming. The layout and functionality of the GoVerifyID app screens can also be configured using HTML5 or other webpage standards. If desired for a completely customized solution or for embedding, GoVerifyID can be integrated into your existing mobile application. An open SDK is available for Android and iOS devices.

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